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Individual coaching: 150 Euro/session (approx. 1 hour)

Team coaching: 1000 Euro/day per person (max. 6 people)

oaching as a term has been used very abundantly in the past years. There is coaching for everything -  life coaching, health coaching, coaching within your job or for a certain project…and now horse assisted coaching. The market is full of people offering guidance and promising a better life. I define coaching for me as the process of helping you to bring more clarity, more structure into your thoughts and ideas. As simple as that. If you have a problem you most likely know the answer yourself you just need someone helping you define the issues, your opportunities, the burdens and develop a strategy of how best to reach your goals.


This is where we can help you. I say we because I am not by myself. I will help you clarify your mind by asking the right questions, but the horse or horses we work with, they mirror your thoughts, your underlying beliefs and your conviction of how you really feel. The horse acts as a nonjudgmental, unbiased mirror of your soul. It helps you tap into your deeper, underlying emotions once you have decided to let go. Does that sound freaky? Yes, it is and as a rational person, had I not seen and experienced it myself, I would hardly believe it. But once you recognize the beauty of this process you will be smitten and love the way we can help you set track for a new life.



If you want to start bringing clarity to your life, start today! We look at issues related to your work, a project you don’t know how to tackle, new milestones that need to be defined or even a boss or peers that are not respecting your boundaries. It can be family relevant concerns, a spouse that is not letting you live your life to the full extent, children that demand you to redefine your role or the question of how to combine children and a professional career. It can also be personal issues such as gaining more confidence and posture or finding ways of living your dream. There are so many issues we often times need to see more clearly.  And it helps to have an unbiased set of helpers on your side that mirror what they see. You will leave us more confident, self-assured and ready to take action!

Please call me or send an email to make your appointment. A coaching session usually takes about one hour and most issues should be resolved within a few sessions. Cost per session is 150 Euros. Team coachings can be arranged for a family as a whole or a group of peers from work or a group of friends. Arrangements will be made individually and according to the group.


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