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 feel that as a coach I benefit from all the various things I have had the pleasure to experience in my life. Born and raised in Germany, I lived in the U.S. for many years graduating with a BFA in graphic design and MBA in marketing. Furthermore,I have worked with a very big blue chip company as well as with small startups in the US and Germany. After the birth of my first son, I founded a small headhunting firm in Berlin that enabled me to keep a space for my biggest passion next to my job and family: the horses. Being a dressage rider since childhood years, I made my dream come true in 2010 by renovating an old farm outside of Berlin and riding and breeding horses there as a passion. This is where I can live the life I love in nature surrounded by my family, the horses and my work.


I became a horse-assisted coach because I feel I am very good at helping others finding their way and relating to the difficulty and hard work of getting there. I know how it feels to feel stuck, to not know how and in which way to achieve new goals. And again, the beauty of it is that we have help at hands by incorporating the horses into our work.

„What you think today, you will be tomorrow“ - Buddha

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